Tools for informed parents


Technology to help parents in the digital age.

Browser Report
See which domains your children are visiting and how risky they are.

Browser Report
See what your children are asking the Internet.

Browser Report
See which videos your children are watching.

Application Report
See what applications your children are using on Android devices.

Phone Report
See who your children are texting.

Phone Report
See who your children are talking with.

Good parents are informed

When it comes to the Internet, there will come a point your children will need access to it.  Along with the access comes a slew of issues for the concerned parent, which include obvious dangers such as pornography, but also websites that just may not be age-appropriate.  There are some sites which are controversial, that you as a parent may wish to provide supplemental guidance, or may be triggers for discussions about certain topics.  As a parent, you want to stay aware of what your children are browsing and even what questions they might be "asking" the Internet.

BrowseReport is a tool that allows parents to stay informed of what their children are doing online.  You simply install it on your computer and you will receive a weekly email that shows:

1. What sites have been browsed on your computer.  The sites are rated by parents like you to flag questionable material, so that you can check it out for yourself.

2. What have users been searching for on your computer. 

3. Which Youtube videos have been watched on your computer.

Browsereport is not a tool that will try and enforce any policies.  It merely delivers the information, and allows parents to be parents.  It is also not a secret spying tool.  BrowseReport shows all users through icons, notifications, and the system tray that the activity on your computer is being supervised.  In the physical world, parents would insist on supervision in any public place.  In the online world, BrowseReport is the tool that allows for supervision and parent involvement.